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JP Morgan’s European Exposure reported at $16 bln in the South | Banking Insight

Here’s the details from the 10k filed earlier 10 days ago. European loan book is well north of $100 bln but is mostly lending to UK, Swiss and Netherland Corporates that are almost half their European Exposure and two retain AAA ratings. The firm as requested has detailed its PIIGS exposures, which do not include any sovereign Exposure, and a fresh post LTRO position in Italian sovereigns in the Trading book accounts for $6.4 bln, the other higher exposure being to Spanish banks and corporates at $4.4 bln and Spanish sovereign bonds in the AFS portfolio for $2.2 bln.

The bank’s gross PIIGS/GIPSI exposure is $27 bln of which $6 bln is held in cash collateral and less than $5 bln is held in Portfolio hedges. The firm’s worldwide CDS exposure is just $3.3 bln The remaining Greek exposure would be covered thru Liquid/Cash collateral, The firm holds more than $21 bln in Collateral against a worldwide $92.7 bln in Derivatives ( counted as amount receivable) against a Loans retained portfolio of $719 bln.

Retained loans reflect on the frims credit risk as against those held in AFS and At Fair Value portfolios

The second table details the firm’s exposure to GIPSI countries.



JPM 12/31/2011 10k

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