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US Economy(EoD Review) : The Econopolitic vote from Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday

Gingrich managed to carry one third the delegates in Alabama and Mississippi but the two states delivered a dire warning to Mitt Romney who thought this would be his knockout blow and to Gingrich who seems to be on the verge of quitting as noise increases on the support he will get further from Sheldon Adelson and probably also on what fight Rick Santorum could put up against the Romney campaign if Gingrich was not around. Romney lost many of his $100k+ earning constituency in the Conservative south to Santorum, according to the detail WSJ surveys.

Thus the ongoing vote from here will be an Econopolitic commentary on America’s choice of futures between the overtly conservative and the blue collar Republicans ( if there is such a constituency) and the wealthy liberals who do not see a real distinction between their cause and Obama’s policies, a major distinction that till now was being exclusively sold by Gingrich to his supporters from Romneycare to  Social Security benefits and even the Jobs curve.

GOP influencers and wealthy voters are likely seeing through most of Romney’s protestations on Economic subjects much like his claims to being conservative, and there may be more fence sitters after August once the candidacy is decided and the Vote race begins against the incumbent President.

Missouri Caucus votes this Saturday, Puerto Rico on Sunday and then Illinois and Louisiana later this month and Wisconsin on April 3 by which time Santorum will likely be within 35% of Romney’s delegates and a hair breadth behind in National Polls but that would still leave Mitt Romney with  most of the delegates. Wisconsin is Republican and Gov Scott walker boasts of ringing state unemployment below 7% the good old American way, crushing unions in the process.

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