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The quid pro quo in the Jobs Act | Deal Insight

Investor-Relations-auf-FacebookAnother Jobs Act is coming with investors of Emerging Growth companies ( read Silicon Valley start ups & JoBS = Jumpstart our Business start ups) ready for the change to help future Facebooks raise money ias a private company and easing the way to apply for listing. However, the so called Jobs act is making it easy for the start ups by allowing them in addition to crowd funding from their facebook page fans uop to $ 2 bln in funding and allowing the companies to get favorable pre IPO research notes going which “will compete with the current strict disclosures required by the SEC”

That investors are safe currently is obvious from the way Facebook is forced to be transparent with everything in its corporate structures as it updates the SEC for all actions, while research analysts at investment banks could well engender the repeat telecast of Sleeping with the Enemy and the dot com 2001 ed saga for investors Mary Schapiro seems to have found more supporters this time as the name on the bill caused a 390-23 vote in the House and the Senate is likely to vote it into law sooner than you think

The definition of emerging growth companies would include a monolith like Facebook in the new avatar qualifying with les  than $1 bln revenues

Hat Tip: Wash Po and Bloomberg ( not just the mayor, the network 😦 )o


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