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Apple iPad3 first sales reported | Retail Insight

iPad 2 front Deutsch: iPad 2 Vorderseite

iPad 2 front Deutsch: iPad 2 Vorderseite (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Across ten countries a first guesstimate from inisders came bang on target as 3 mln iPad sales were spoken to by an Insiderat Apple and its only 6 AM on 20 March , 4 days of sales. This Friday Apple iPad3 debuts in 24 other countries.

The highly successful windows 8 beta on the other hand brings new competition by October when Apple gets back to its cave with share buybacks worth $10 bln beginning inmmediately after the yearly sales’ and results announcements

Basic Math for 13 weekends each quarter adds up to a 100 mln iPads this year, not including the distinctly lighter iPad2 both in price and weight as also keeping its style and quality equation..competing with the $100 ereader from Kindle anfd the sales mean new cash of at least $12.9 bln from the iPad, good for a $1 Tln market cap company’s dividend expense.

The 100 mln odd iPhones that Apple will definitely sell bring in another $30 bln in cash, a little higher than the iPad’s $300 Direct Margin or $129 Net Profit ( Bloomberg:Sheila Dharmarajan/Marge Brennan)


The "Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad" em...

The "Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad" emblem appearing on accessories approved by Apple Inc. for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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