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Chillin' out till it needs to be funded

The Economics of NFL | Retail Insight

Tebowing comes to the Metlife Stadium and Manning stays on in Denver, hoping for friends who wanted to join him in Miami? while 49ers and Tennessee look for a way out within the Salary Cap and Colts and Redskins get Luck and RLG3



And Washington have already signed RG3 instead with 13 starts and 3000 yds for 16 TD in 2011

with the Heismann, waiting for the Draft

The Draft has a few stars from the Combine and Matt Kalil  and before like Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson and Brandon Thomson

Andrew Luck, The Pressure's On HIM!

Brandon Thompson, can do well by himself










Matt Kalil showing off his physique at the Combine

Will Anyone bet on the Running Game?

Mark Ingram, Running Back (Bama)

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