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The Deal Economy round up (2012 Q1)

Firstly of course, everything else that happened in March but you fortgot to chalk up, was scribbled into sensible commentary on the weekend

here  – The Deal Economy _ March 15-31 2012 (Hedge Funds, PE)

and here – The Deal Economy Pt II_ March 15-31 2012 ( College Basketball, Small IPO is a better IPO, Dodd Frank is coming)

And to wit you forgot the Deal Economy bombshell on everyone, here is the Q1 summary ( JP Morgan survived with $1 bln income from fees)

JP Morgan billed $1.260 bln in Fee in these three months from Investment Banking. Guess the number from M&A? It is $145 mln. Is that pocket change or is pocket change. Americas distributed $10 bln of the $16 bln in Fees in Q1 making up for Deal volumes in Fees while EMEA ( Middle East & Africa) was mostly out of the news and Europe managed to print $4 bln in deal fees across M&A, Equity IPOs, Bond/Debt Issuance and Syndicated Credit (Loans)

BofA ML is down a bit more than JP Morgan this year while Q1 was 11% worse for JP Morgan, BAC was 20% off the watermark( underwater!) However it is that far ahead of JP Morgan in M&A fees at $192 mln. .And both of them do not count Facebook which is dishing out 1.1% in Fees so at best $30 mln for JP Morgan. After that there is nothing separating Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Citi and Morgan Stanley, the two Wall Street traders ( Citi may not be the trading nice kind of bank ) though earning more in M&A than JP Morgan and Bank of America with nearly $270 mln and $265 mln for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Barclays fallen behind with $600 mln in Q1 to $800 mln for the half a dozen up there with Credit Suisse nearer to deserving the Top 10

Bonds maketh Citi, Deutsche, JP Morgan and Bank of America and Bond issuance maketh the biggest chunk of $5.5 bln and M&A $5 bln while Equities and Loans made $3 bln each

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