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The US Auto Sales Report (March 2012)

While you already had the taste of how well March went when raw data was being collated at month end, this is the right time to get all the slices of data in its final form ( we use WSJ Markets data) and the results that the 15 mln rate would not tell you are here to ensure you get the right inferences that last you for every candle of Ford or Chrysler ( Fiat) toyota or even Nissan apart from Hyundai and Volkswagen that continue to enthral the markets without the dealer network GM or Toyota has.

The salient ideas of 2012, Cars sell more than light trucks and the lead is now more than 200,000 cars even with large carsd down and imports running to a almost 4 mln cars a year run rate.  Also, chain stores sales siggest Retail sales ex Auto ex Gas would also be indeed stronger than ever when retail data reports on April 16 for the month gone by.

US Auto Sales are now running between the 14..8 mln – 15.1 mln cars ayear just off its 2007 highs.

HyundaiA 1,843,789 cars have been reported sold in the three months of 2012, 50% of them midsize cars, neither small nor the luxury cars which sold another 243k this year growing by 10% where cars per se are growing at 16% and midsize units at more than 20%. Light trucks still sold 1,623,707 units of which only 450k were Pick up trucks and a 682,000 Crossovers. That means minivans and midsize SUVs at 191k and 166k in the quarter’s sales are still not the ticket to heaven while small (Compact) SUVs growing so fast are still less than 45,000 units in the 3 months , and thats including the Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape Hybrid, The Subaru import as Subaru Forrester also doing some damage to the sales card of other car models.

The Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima are running neck to neck as the most popular Cars after the Ford F series growing 37% and 38% from 2011 Q1 to almost a 100k each. The Ford Focus being new is running faster in the top 10, its 66k in three months’ sales 80% higher than Q1 2011

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03:  People look at the n...

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03: People look at the new New York City taxi which is designed by the Nissan Motor Co. at an official unveiling on April 3, 2012 in New York City. The new taxis, which will start appearing on the streets of New York next year, service an estimated service 600,000 people daily. The 2014 NV200 Taxi will replace the fleet of iconic Ford Crown Victorias, Ford Escape Hybrids and Toyota Siennas that are currently being used. Some of the highlights of the new taxi include front and rear-seat occupant curtain airbags, a window on the roof, backseat cellphone charging and USB ports and passenger reading lights. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

GM and Ford shares of market are down as Toyota and Honda make their comeback felt but GM is holding 17.5% share and Ford 15.5% Chrysler’s 11.5% share still a growth from Q1 2011 and Honda still away at 9.2% Toyota holds a 14% share of the market. Imports make 16% of Honda and Nissan sales and 40% of Toyota  sales. Hyundai and Kia together in the meantime have sold more than 275,000 cars in the three months, Kia’s car sales up 60% but Honda models are growing back their lost share faster. Volkswagen has grown by more than 40% to almost 100k cars in three months with only 10000 coming from SUVs and half of the 80,000 cars being imports. Audi counts for another 30,000 cars separately. In the final total 3.06 mln automobiles were sold to American sin the 77 selling days of January to March 2012 and more than half of them were Imports.



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