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The Deal Economy: A mobile app for Facebook, 10k jobs cut at Sony, Burger King lists again

The Whopper sandwich, Burger King's signature ...

The Whopper sandwich, Burger King's signature product. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burger King’s plans for a reverse merger

My favourite meat patty just got back into the tinsel town of scrips trying to go public again. Burger King’s previous attempts at PE revival failed miserably , with a big part of the inter-regnum(intermission) taken by the Financial crisis and many PE investments in retail stuck at roof high purchase valuations. Burger King went private in 2009 and now comes back in a reverse merger with listed “Justice Holdings” an investment firm not dealing in Happy meal toys or the American comic superstars disturbing the peace in Vegas last week.

I daresay, another disaster in the works but the restaurants are still doing very nicely.

Avon’s new leading lady

Sherilyn McCoy was appointed from J&J as the new CEO of Avon. The company with more than $10 bln sales is under pressure even as it rejects the paltry $10 bln bid from the European owners of Reckitt Benckiser thru Coty. The new leading lady began her career as a scientist in J&J consumer research and left three decades later as Vice Chairman with responsibility of Phara and Consumer Business segments

Microsoft bidding up the price of patents

We have heard this one many times in the past decade. Microsoft overbidding and wasting its cash pile ofn a meaningless acquisition which was not worth the paper on which the projections were printed. Additioally, acquired companies and technologies atrophy so it is not a big win for the industry either. Nevertheless, it seems to be unfair to single them out as they just decided to pay more than a $1 mln per patent and may not signal the beginning o f the end on the bidding for patents yet even at that price ( hopefully, The other Steve knew what his company was signing up this time)

Google’s Page completes a year

Time publishes a neat review of the Co Founder’s first year as head of the Executive at Google when he bought up $12 bln worth Mobility to Google. However the “Play” item on the Top menu of your Google home page is hardly screaming out “Winner” for the search dominated Goliath. While the jury is still out on Plus, Larry’s “Don’t be Evil” slam in his latest annual report speech  may still be seemingly “Too little, too late”

Could Facebook be left with just the infrastructure of a mobile app

I did not want to lead this news story in to serious business pros minds with such a negative vibe but Facebook’s $1 bln bid for a venture that just received $7 mln in funding for $20 mln in valuation may not turn out to be the carefully manicured garden of roses for the Facebook penthouse as users and brands start heading for the exit. Facebook started the acquisition day with 30 mln iPhone / iPad mobile users at Instagram waling to it on a platter.  Facebook definitely wants to kickstart its mobile dominance strategy faster off the blocks but hey the jury won’t even start evaluating them yet as they have a lot ont heir plate with gaming wins and a $130 bln valuation before pre IPO trading was stopped. Facebook did not make this purchase for team talent at Instagram.

Image representing Sony as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

IPL5 inventory vs NFL Free Agency

The sport phenomenon from the Commonwealth, India’s cricketing league of big stars seemed to get off to a vibrant 2012 start with great Week 1 games and a exponentially rising customer response. Also NFL free agency seems to be going well even for Ryan Tannehill who made up a few seedings before Draft day in two weeks and Miami still looking like it will be shopping around for a QB after draft day. Both NFL and IPL franchises seem to have put their bad days behind them even as IPL owners , though profitable on cash streams from advertising a nd sponsor rigths, still not a happy lot as the expensive league started with one third of network ads still in inventory and 3 out of 10 sponsors apparently staying away till the build up is better than just fine.

Sony cutting 6% of its workforce

Sony seems serious about restructuring ack to profits but one wonders whether shutting down two divisions and cutting back on Tv production is going to get the new CEO Kazuo Hirai enough greenbacks to jump back. The sale of a chemicals unit and a LCD display JV with Hitachi and Toshiba (spun off last month) plus a drastic overhaul at the chronically ill TV unit means 10,000 less jobs a  the Japanese electronics giant likely to report $2.7 bln in losses this fiscal Including temporary workers sicne Stringer’s run in 2005, these 10,000 jobs add to a total of 36,000 jobs lost at Sony’s make.believe edition of business revival

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