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Apple and Macmillan to bear the brunt of DoJ Action in ebooks | Retail Insight

Book Publishers heaving a sigh of relief on the release of Apple iPad have vigorously defended their decision to change the profit/revenue sharing model in the business after iPad was launched. The post iPad pricing of ebooks saw a 30-40% jump in prices with publishers not letting Amazon set any prices any longer and capping the bookseller’s revenues to 30% of the sale .

DoJ’s action has however spurred most targeted publishers to seek settlement with the Department of Justice. That includes Simon &Schuster, Hachette and HarperCollins (News Corp)

Macmillan and Apple, refusing to settle would be sued by the Department of Justice as early as this week while Amazon can hope for a return to better pricing for ebook readers though a return of its all books for $9.99 model is unlikely. The iPad owner Apple is also under legal blight in Europe and Australia for 4g claims in a country not supporting FD -LTE, the 4G Technology supported by Apple

Apple has been the aggressor in two more legal actions, while conducting a diplomatic coup de etat in the case of worker conditions at FoxConn. It has been losing in Chinese courts over the iPad trademark bought in a Hongkong court and has actioned a Chinese producer for producing Steve Jobs  figurines

DOJ filed charges an hour ago.

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