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Friday Book Recommendation: A recent masterpiece on Trading strategies

If your are not up for a weekend on your Kindle with Tadas Vidaska’ Blog and Book “Abnormal Returns” (right image and link) which looks headed in the right direction in these times, you might want to consider more than one title on this list for your Kindle (Online Trading)

However, I did pick up another title a little below in the same list. Curtis Faith’ Trading from your gut, seems more up my alley and hence better for my readers. Though Curtis doe not rely on a blog or publish in the Journal of Portfolio  Management, he is a turtle, and as earlier written “The way of the turtle” describing the legendary Chicago based Trading group. Of course then this recommendation is about a book that is not just a laid back read but more about trading strategies for direct application in the market and maybe some of you would like to take up this challenge to convert right brain strategies into a trading system for the social network of choice for currencies or stocks or even interest rates.



Cover of "Way of the Turtle: The Secret M...

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