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Sallie Krawcheck is still batting for the banks being too complex.. | Banking Insight

Sallie Krawcheck erstwhile Merill Lynch and thence Bank of America CEO candidate makes an example of the JP Morgan management team, ” ..these are not the bozos over here, who do not know what they are doing, these are a stellar management team..”. Sallie makes the point that JP morgan being unable to make good with whatever the quantum of losses means that the banks are liely too complex for their own good.  Of course we agree that JP Morgan can easily absorb this $2B /$4B loss

Sallie Krawcheck was also the CFO at Citibank/Citigroup and appeared on Twitter four weeks ago. She sees the Greek example as a lesson that Banks could easily be caught in contagion as Europe unfolds all over again in 2012



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