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Deal Insight: InBev catches Grupo Modelo SAB for $20B

The packaging plant at the Anheuser-Busch head...

The packaging plant at the Anheuser-Busch headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anheuser Busch uis finally in ownership of 100% of Corona Extra. The larges star cast in the deal also features Constellation Brands, that runs the Distribution franchise and Anheuser Busch will pay $$$ to own an interest in Constellation Brands. AB InBev is listed in Belgium and bought BudLite owner Anheuser Busch for $52 B in 2008

The Constellation Brands stake would cost AB InBev only $1.7 B for a controlling interest in imports of Corona Extra into the USA. Of Course Grupo Modelo shares rose despite the fact that GM never wanted to be owned by InBev and while AB held a non controlling stake when being sold, the company further expanded int he US without AB but lost in court Action after having denied InBev Directors in Board.

As we add up , Budweiser and Corona are coming home for a $73.7B bill and this bill could still be rising. Earlier examples of inorganic conglomerates have not been lauded for cohesiveness and have frequently ended in Bankruptcy court. This one now includes Beck’s Bass, Stell Artois, Bud and Corona Extra apart from other choice Belgie Beers.

SAB Miller paid only $10 B for Fosters in Sydney

Mmm Mm Mm My Corona!

Mmm Mm Mm My Corona! (Photo credit: Urban Combing (Ultrastar175g))

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