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US Week Ahead: Facebook, Netflix, Apple and the Digital Economy (July 22, 2012 – July 28, 2012)

Apple Inc.  New Headquarters

Apple Inc. New Headquarters (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

These Retail lifestyle champions, variously featured on our series’ would report along with Earnings behemoth Amazon with a dominant share of all digital sales and now local warehouses and the cloud as well.  Ford and Boeing will also report for the quarter, analysts looking at why and how much Ford differs from others like Peugeot in Europe who are actually shutting down. McDonalds’ is out of the gate first though not reporting 8% same stores sales groth it reported alst time, estimates find there will be growth and the revenues ill likely come just under $7 B. That’s the beat estimate for the eek and stops right after Apple blows its horn on Tuesday, hence the argument with Economic data’s direction begins.

The competition from Amazon and Apple is becoming a three way for tech watchers with Netflix forcing itself in the mix and reporting some crazy spin for its Q2 results featured around the same time Apple reports. Apple’s miniPad may be the new iPhone5 too as Nokia Lumia flashes a positive warning for a change on smartphones and Amazon tries to get an iPad like product ino the market. Even Windows 8 and intel Mobile may get a chance to win bigger in the mobile sweepstakes, the stage to be set by Facebook’s failures or dependencies in the space with providers like Zynga and its struggling ads program.

The $20B revenues frm Boeing could carry another $1B in profits after $19B and $900m in the first quarter. Ford will be halving earnings on the sly to $0.28 on $32 B in revenues but the estimate has been rising over the past month.

Economic reports take center stage later in the week Flash estimates on June performance destroying the next weekend for stock movers as stocks try to move to independent grounds from the Economic data mess. Its not a recession as South Korea and Singapore start the Asian growth score fest , China way back in the background and Italian retail sales and Euro Money supply come up for close review for those who think the battering in April May and June has been beyond the limits of reason

Unemployment rates and Global trade balances for other key economies from Poland and Switzerland, to Brazil, Mexico and Sweden will be on plays before credit growth in India shines and German and Chinese depression again becomes the talking point for Dow futures and Quantitative easing candidates become the staple Economic Dinner.




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