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The Euro comes home (2012): How the Finns plan to influence the ennobled world!

The Swedes of course sweeten the pot for Economics and Life Sciences, Research in Physics and Chemistry and even subjects like Peace to bring their unique brand of influence on the World moving forward. The Finns in turn have created a new ETF party to apparently capitalize on their political non alignment and the continuing liquidity thru printing of Central Bank monies and have almost 20% of the vote in the government to be formed. Needless to add this challenge is for Euro believers who are increasingly in a minority just a snowball’s throw away from Germany who on the other hand is mellowing down in time to allow monetary assistance to reach the South without limitation of value aid and entity to which aid will be provided. The currently approved bond buying program is also rid of ‘baggage ‘ of security and collateral as matters come to a head. The Anti Euro party will join the coalition after the vote on Portugal.

Finland and Germany have to clear way for the EFSF/ESM aids already approved at EU summits with German courts due to decide on the ESM’s legitimacy before further questions of aid are taken up. O fcourse, the Bundesbank will be heartened by these developments if only for selfish reasons of trying to maintain a non-inflationary stance in which Germna economic growth is relatively ensured and the bills don’t catch up with judgement day.

The Finns and the Germans will remain vetoes on all probable monetary and fiscal easing to facilitate growth as political expeditious positions have become overdrawn and new ringfenced banks will continue to find it tough to lend and prime any economy let alone the 17 nation conglomerate within the available Target 2 systems and the tightly knit Eurosystem of Central Banks which can no longer individually help its consitituents without causing a collapse of the “grid”


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