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Even as the Big Champ of the Big 4 makes tentative entry into a banking licence worthy branch franchise and follows up on its emerging market mantra with its AGM in Delhi’s neighbourhood this year, it has already moved up two more of its CXO level managers to the Board giving the new governance model and the Vampire squids in the fourth Ted estate and now some in activist investor associations a little more chowder time at the meetings.

The real content of course in this progression is a true upgradation of the importance of the board and for Harry Schwartz, an important reign as Goldman Sachs’ CFO when David Viniar’s reworked plans for a boost to Return on Capital is not delivering on shareholder returns despite a killjoy rundown August almost popping it in September on the high voltage. The Buyback plan is still on of course and the management’s sincere efforts will likely pay off sooner than later. But the market is just coming off its euphoria peaks and almost ready to embrace panic(Citi) as other global markets thumb down the dollar in anticipation of a Spanish bailout for the Euro and are invested more in Oil and key Asian markets like India. Both China and Goldman Sachs are being followed eagerly of course fo rthei big move out of the shadows in equity valuations but it is looking increasingly likely that this will not be a very fruitful holiday for either the Analysts at Goldman Sachs or even MDs stewarding its Mongolian and Viet investments though Thailand , Malaysia and Vietnam continue to be interestingafter last years kick up of indonesia to the merit list of emerging nations


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