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The Retail Lifestyle Champions: Amazon learns from quick acquisition, posts net loss

Living Social an acquisition of 2010 was $170 mln of the $274 Mln loss Amazon noted int he September quarter as its shares tanked 5% on results after Apple also warned of its Holiday season conquests in the marketplace in the coming quarter. Amazon led the Earnings release ith its comparison of the kindle devices to iPad ith the 7″ Kindle comparing favorably with the iPad mini by $130 after the pricing / margin fiasco at pressure ridden post Steve Jobs’ Apple

Microsoft’s Surface also launched yesterday, results season beccoming as important as the battleground states in figuring out the state of the Holiday season.

Amazon’s net Sales for the quarter were more than $13 B and the company guides between $20.25 B and $22.75 B for the Holiday season quarter. Amazon’s business model is more stabilised to more retail seasons as operating cash flow accrued a steady $3.37 B in the quarter. Forex impacted another $348 M on Sales and profit as Sales gre more than 30% from last year’s $10.88 B to $13.81 B

Amazon also notes it provides full time employment to 20000 people and expects to add 50000 seasonal staff int he coming quarter at its 40 US fulfilment centers as it continues to sort out its relations with States

Holiday season may still be profitable but the guidance from BEzos’ HQ seems awry between a loss of $490 m to a (operating) profit of $310 million

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Three Kindle models make Amazon’s top three selling products across Amazon worldwide



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