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The mid-week trading update($F, $SBUX, $FB, $LLY, $AMZN): Not to deprive you of your coffee buzz in the A.M. (July 24th and 25th, 2013)

Regular Starbucks Coffee tumbler, as sold in 2...

Regular Starbucks Coffee tumbler, as sold in 2011 in France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This edition of the mid week trading update was well lost to some great results we were collecting on;


Ford, which broke all results in China and has some great forecasts for the year including a clean $100 mln improvement in Q2 in Europe to a barely $350 mln in losses there, ,but they have so much up their sleeves as they are a veritable leader of out lifestyle economy shortlist of the top stocks ever

Starbucks which reported just hours ago, and made it the third year in succession ( 13th quarter) that comparable sales grew more than 7-9% for the 9% growth this quarter. The India, Korea and mainly China led China and asia Pacific business also doubled comparables to 9% this quarter sequentially (linked) from Q1 and the investments in K Cups and La Boulange are also paying off with a handsome share of market.

Facebook reported an amazing transformation yesterday as they grabbed 40% of their revenues from the mobile platform and revenues of $1.6 Bln included shares from CPG majors all across the Adage 100 and 1 Bln users (MAU) and its 25% jump yesterday was just the start

Amazon, if it scared you too, did what it was always known for once again, replicating the $4.5 bln operating cash in Q1 to this quarter and then flying away to a 2 cent loss unlike Bank of America, this is money well spent and not gone to the government for nothing 🙂 so i would not let this opportunity go to waste, but then most would wait till Amazon gets back to 270 levels now

Visa had great results in its US Cards, including the bang in debit back after a few (Dodd Frank not Durbin shh) and the 24% jump year to date will continue as results night saw great action in options between $180 to $200 in the front month series, but we are sure you are even busier than us…and we will also come back with the weeks past stories of Coke pepsi, disney and News corp (1&2)

BTW, Eli lilly reported a great jump for Q2 as well to 46 b on the topline and aa $1.12 Bl profit for $1.11 (up 45%)EPS with Cymbalta apparently making half the Topline year to date as it gets ready to go off patent end 2014 (anti depression) and one or two diabetes products have fallen off the pipeline except the insulin product ‘glarrgine’ US is half the sales and collab sales have died off to a $150 mln

Meanwhile as Fabrice tourre takes the stand (its in the Fierce finance email with the dealbook and the FT art)with his transparent half lies ( though I am not speaking the fourth estate’s language in condemning him, just stating the facts as I can see, here is a cogent clear video from reuters daily breaking the Steve a Cohen troubles as MAry Jo White  follows up on the insider action in the Dell case:

Inside SAC’s Dell trade, Thomson Reuters: Reuters Insider


The Economy has been more interesting even as equities take it on the chin in the closing trades of the week after a small reversal yesterday because of too many results apparently despite the great New Home Sales report with 5 mln reported and the price increases with rates falling off in US, Europe and in mortgages as the race for the new fed leader gets off to a good start..

Thomson Reuters Messenger

Thomson Reuters Messenger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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