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It’s MoNDaY aGaiN: Cleveland OH, St. Louis MO , Omaha NE and Los Angeles CA (US Economy& Markets: July 29 – August 02, 2013)

One would say these area few of my favorite things, but from a report in September 2012 (Business Week) these are among the nation’s top 50 but barely with Anchorage AL, richer by 60% per Capita than LA citizens and half as unemployed. These are leisure rankings of course and Frisco, Seattle and Portland box in Boston and good old DC as West Coast rules and the mid west , with it s Capital in Cleveland or the still Criminally highly dodgy Mississippi , led by the southern Red Brick clad St Louis could be proverbial grains in the sand fighting a new Civil War for all the leisure everyone else could afford!

Seal of Los Angeles, California. On March 27, ...

Seal of Los Angeles, California. On March 27, 1905 Ordinance 10,834 authorized and described the City Seal still being used today (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Austin and San Diego are probably more intuitively near their ranks in the Top 10, but the names are the same from Atlanta to Cincinnati to Columbus O-H-I-O and Oklahama City but I bet with investors back flipping houses, it is still better to buy up real estate in the smaller half a million towns and probably LA

But then that is not even theorising, just out there and do read our post on motor City, Detroit as another bankruptcy makes this 20% unemployment hit city the latest casualty after a long war with confounding expenses and big cars.

The Publicis / Omnicom deal should get your Investment banking mind busy, $35 Bln and as Reuters Breaking views put, it hardly a penny saved ( you can find them on the web, the concise current commentary there is also not inventoried much like at news magazines we referred here above) and you are right, India did sign away the Jet Etihad deal allowing the middle east sovereign fund owned airline a piece of the Indian skies after much rerating of control clauses initially requested by the Etihad management

The Europeans get busy with bank results this week till the 6th when HSBC and StanChart would have finished reporting their Emerging market wins. Credit Suisse however, seems to be set for a pie in the sky ride as one found their RoE reporting totally off the grid and totally misrepresenting their own outstanding capital in shares (Common tier I ) so watch out, this Swiss watch is no longer running the best time despite its ethical CEO and Chair and their Cocos might soon be testing their definition as Basel III should have firmly put them in Debt anyway but this is only your(and MINE, get me something!) morning cup so spin around get you bookmarked five best blogs and sites rolling and pitch in. Barclays and Deutsche Bank go today/Tomorrow and show in a new flush of trading results.

BTW, even Omaha citizens earn more per capita than the stars in Hollywood or Los Angeles rather

Globally after the 1% growth in GDP UK data now has them going yee yaw on their mortgages, data dipping again in June. Not much in good news for Mark Carney despite the royal baby, Prince George bringing in a lot of new celebrations not so long after the Olympics in 2012

The last tech standing, however , Microsoft is going back from Redmond WA in the suburbs to owning every piece of public lands in Seattle as it tries to merge its future with the city and Starbucks and Amazon move the Rockies. Football is up in hardly a week , both NFL and English/European Soccer across both sides of the pond

Profits at Japanese banks should bring good cheer to the West Coast too as they have  a lot of investments on the Pacific. Apart from the end of month busy reports for July, this week has the Japanese Housing starts also important to watch for the run in uS treasuries as it becomes a steady higher interest rates led by a robust demand as it hopefully will turn before the QE withdrawal is initiated just a couple of months from here in its next meeting in September. The FOMC statement is out this Wednesdy after the two day meeting starting tomorrow. The other gDP reports remain as low bound as ever but actually seem to turn for the up and up after the surprise jump in New Orders in European PMIs last week bang on cue in the start of the second half. Greece in the meantime is still hoping for more debt reductions even as Schauble made it clear to them that nothing could be allowed in the month of German elections

Should have been Irvine (Irvine CA) too, right or Chris Christies’ neck of the woods in the East on the I-95

In Lifestyle stocks, Kraft, Kellogg and p&G also report this week while in Financials insurers like Generali, Allianz and Axa and Socgen, RBS and UBS try to cover more of their sordid 2009-2012 yet while Toyota, Lufthansa and Chevron try to avoid the markets after Friday close while Pfizer and Merck close Big pharma out tomorrow Pfizer changing tack this year to push its generics out as the new third division. The other two will be innovative brands and Amy Schulman’s Oncology, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare as it chalks u new Xs to beat Lipitor’s case on new revenues

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