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It’s Monday Again: The snow, The sharing Economy and other cockamamie ideas that keep you indoors in College Bowl weeks? (The week ahead December 30, 2013 – Jan 03, 2014; US Economy & Markets)

Bring on the Holidays

Bring on the Holidays (Photo credit: Zach Dischner)

The sharing Economy is a real buzzkill Frisco does not need in the middle of that discussion over Long Term unemployment, the artificial Employment additions (non additions of the soooo.. unemployed), the lapsing of the emergency unemployment benefits and the downhill traipsing for the web. Of course the web remained free in 2013 but there has not been real sharing enabled by the web as geogaphies cemented themselves on even local and regional levels on the web through the year and continue to do so in 2014. Imagine taskrabbits as an answer to the economic hellhole we are in, its the worst that could happen. Virtual Bullying is robably growing too and maybe those early news last decade of cyber induced suicides will come back, but right now weather is keeping the Holidays Christmassy and Fuzzy.

College Bowls could probably help some of these real governance ideas into shape as Rutgers enjoyed the growing AAC hold on Bowl season and a few Potatos went on the wringer in the weeks games past. Tomorrow and New Year’s Day are specially tight spun for Bowl Calendars and you shouldn’t miss any of the action. ECU was a welcome add too, but well that was so last week.

We don’t mind if you are on a Holiday cause we are too and the Durables Orders perking up does not exactly change any of that. However Twitter stock met its maker last week on Friday with the Macquarie downgrade pushing down insitutional returns on that new stock and that should be that, back to $65 before “Happy New Year” was sung.  In ameasure of awareness of the crisis we just ha ve a small $10 Bln continued withdrawal across the pond in England in data measuring Home equity outstanding (on non home spent secured lending thru HELOCs etc) probably mirroring US credit card spends expected to drift own after the Holiday spree starting in October and yes still record levels of Wealth per household in the Z1.  ISM and Construction Spending data comes out on Thursday and immediately following Thursday we enter Earnings season with Wells Fargo and JP Morgan leading the troops in 2014 too. Te yer yields probably pip the 3% post today and tomorrow but we ares ure well on the way to 4% and higher the shallow markets only supporting investing trades by Bond investors coming back to the markets

There are four vacant spots on the Federal Reserve Board including three members vacating their positions (Duke, Raskin and Yellen) and a new one for a second Vice Chair in charge of Bank regulation monitoring (and a fed audit)

Redbook data comes on time on Monday unless you have been informed otherwise and attention next week would probably shift away from casual dining and shopping and get back to work, weather (and snow?) permitting. All Financial Markets are closed on Tuesday except in China where Holiday festivities have kicked in but they are still waiting for the New Year in about a month from  now this time.

The Case Schiller Home Index across 20 cities is still on for tomorrow and the Pending Home Sales Data actually rings in after the New Year in term of market impact with the Bond markets wiped out of trades since Thursday and probably in tomorrow’s abbreviated session too. The Pending data is due in an hour from now. Gold and Silver are going nowhere unless there is real currency depreciation in the Dollar this year too.

If we also looked lihter on the workload in 2013, we will remain so in 2014 as well, but we promise to be there every Monday and catch up in smaller capsules the insight on the Banks and the Economics of the recovery as the US and Asia shine out again in 2014 and Europe and even China dull down. Crrency volatility in the Catskills is probably hurting lesser with the crisis in Venezuela and Boliviar FX probably all played out and TRading in the $3 Tln Rates and FX swas coul well make aa roaring come back in a week from now. Th most hurt from LAtam debacles included P&G, Campbell’s soup and even Pepsi and Coke, while Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have all but wiped out their Trading divisions to the minimum possible this year including bonuses and in JP Morgan’s case in terms of the visibility and impact of the institution on the business as it walked out Chase again and $13.5 Bln depleted in MBS settlements




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