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It’s Monday Again! You know it is still Deal time, Comcast finally about to close out?

Mt Everest – Is infrastructure not required to preserve a national treasure?

The various Comcast deals seem to be coming to a close with $20 Bln just to swipe out a 3 mln odd subscribers to Charter Communications that are tipping the scales for a disfavour from the Federal Competition commission (DOJ) and/or the FCC (Federal Communications commission). Pfizer on the clock has renewed the offer this Monday for $46.60 per share or a nice fat 30% premium to closing price, making it a offer in good standing and ready for a wooing of disenchanted institutionals if the management does not introduce a credible poisonous sapling (poison pill in the Kravis or Milken 80s) into the boardroom to help the cause of existing Astrazeneca management. It being London, of course more green gunk and paper planes are possible in a boardroom chase as the ministers, tax department and various other public entities come out of the woodworks and take obvious sides for the deal planners to factor in, much more honest in terms not being expected to be behind the scenes in such a move. Meanwhile the French are busy looking to scuttle a final deal for Alstom, and we have all seen the theater once too often and cheer for Alstom

Almost boring names that print results this week is the not loss making GE conglomerate, Nokia, Ping An Forrester Research(Tuesday), Hospira, Lincoln and Nomura (Wednesday and Thursday) Retail stores start reporting around the 21st with Target. United Health, Thomson Reuters and Phillips 66 tick on by Wednesday, Fidelity , Exxon Mobil and Cigna on Thursday and Estee Lauder and Madison Square Garden report on Friday

The almost bottomed out Home sales shop will add Pending Home Sales data tonight, that will certainly help to show the lower mortgage rates making a mark in the near bottom of the cycle with yoy contraction

UK GDP reports Tuesday with a lot of Eurostat data on Inflation (Germany) and the all important Spanish unemployment data everyone has down pat at (hold your breath) 22-25% eluding control and the data flurry continues after an overnight rate report from Japan with the BoJ starting off things for the loaded week. The ADP Jobs report and the Chicago PMI manage to make our eyes before the FOMC session is over on Wednesday

The Thursday global labor Day holiday outside the US allows US Auto sales to make a quick impact again with the 16 mln mark, that is already old hat with the Manufacturing PMI and ISM data still riding high enough

The Friday data on Factory Orders ex Boeing and Chinese Services PMI come after the all important BLS Emp Sit report or the Jobs report

The 10 Y yield is below 2.7%, and Oil (2%) and Gold 0.7$, 1300) are still up for the Ukraine screeching taking care of business almost shut down by the China slowdown in global commodities and shipping

Tech NASDAQ ia nose down having lost more than 3% in the month even as the DJIA looks to strike back in another 160 points over the month ago mark, making it ideal for prices in results shocks of last week now going for broke , most discussed in the Mid Week report our candidates for the big long, even as shorts remain an uninspired weak score, another reason for a deleveraged weaker spin of the die for the markets resuming an uptrend midweek last week.

Muni funds reported inflows of $244 mln this quarter making it a stronger and the third consecutive positive quarter after a long bad run. Samsung reports next week in Asia. We also follow Chinese Banks all week. Ag Bank reported earlier today and ICBC reports tomorrow






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