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US Economy & Markets ( The Week Ahead September 01, 2014 – September 05, 2014)

Markets are closed for Labor Day. It’s a short week and the markets are quite done. All in all quite a boring month ahead at the veritable bottom for Oil and Gold but they are not going to last that long. Anyway we do not write when Wall Street is off, so enjoy a tweedle dee tweedle dum and wake up on the right side of the bed. We will be back after some hectic academic jugglery on the 15th September, Monday

The Jobs report expectations have come full circle to 230k for Friday and we are pretty sure there is a big breakout on the cards as the Jobs keep returning and there is a 11 mln ticket of jobless thru the crisis folks who keep coming back a few thousands at a time making the coming unemployment rate recovery a real joke which would keep almost everyone stiull unemployed, unemployed wel int o lows of 4% touching the new peak mark they try to conjure up on the fully recovered US GDP rate of 3% now, 2.5% later.

There is in fact so much of dialling down of expectations that September data will in fact be ignored for any beat expectations of economic data too, including still high aauto sales, positive durable goods order after a good three month delay and house prices finally flagging oiff after a big hustle thru of returning investors



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