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Goldman Sachs it is. Bank Earnings Season 1Q2015

Topline = $10.62 Bln, Investment Banking Fees higher than JPM by 160 mln, at $1.91 Bln, A four year high in Trading revenues to $5.46 Bln means they are closest to Business As Usual from far far away Reported yesterday with Citi..we didnt attend the 2nd conference.

The company is not just keeping its chin up though, and despite doubting thomases continues to carry an amazing pipeline of deals considerably depleted by now but unlikely to dent its leadership in Investment Banking. FICC trading is only $3.13 Bln but three times it was in the fourth quarter, other comparisons here being to 1Q2014. Equities turnover is a heayvy bag of $2.46 Bln and I can’t see any short interest of note in the markets yet even at the 2100 mark

Comp’s back to $4.46 Bln though the jump is much more restrained than JP Morgan (and they have to stray home during weekends too!) Thje firm’s still used up only 25% of approved buyback in Q1 and will likely clear out at least 14-15 million of that limit in the coming 2-3 quarters a sCiti leads JPM and GS back to a surge from the big banks. We won’t be bothering with Morgan Stanley and BofA this time. The earnings conference will be during normal waking hours.


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