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Chillin' out till it needs to be funded

India Infrastructure

Infrastructure spending is the hot button

Infrastructure spending is sacred, countries aren’t Infrastructure spending is supposed to reach $35 trillion ( that’s 10 China’s or maybe 5 including the future growth) in the next 20 years according to CIBC World Markets and thus the deficit we have be[]

India’ top 10 cities

If you have been reading for the Nielsen report for the Country’s top urban centers, this one’s even one ste ahead in mapping the affluent consumer centers in the coming decade. take a look. it’s mostly bangalore, ahmedabad and some surprises: India’[…]


India’s energy situation in short is that it needs four times more oil than it produces, and thus domestic production has been a focus in India’s Infrastructure story since 2005 The OIL IPO band at Rs 950-1050 just ensures an IPO size of Rs 5000 Crores ($1.02 […]

Indian Power Infrastructure – The 2009 IPO update

As per current Ministry of Steel meetings, the NMDC stake sale is likely to be of 15% in which case it could easily be over Rs 2000 crores ($400m) at CMP of 375 ( $7.50) As also the ones for Adani Power, Godrej, Indiabulls Power..i think it can happen given that each will [.[…]

Adani Power

Reliance ADA Group

India’s new boom – Lifestyle, Infrastructure and Entertainment


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