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Greek Swap goes through? | Insight Europe

One hour and more past the Thursday deadline, FT is reporting 95% agreement on the swaps which means the CACs are not required and no default is triggered on the … Continue reading

March 8, 2012

Dick Bove has an opinion that matters | Banking Insight

Again the offshoot of what caught Alphaville fancy, this insight into Banking has not hit the major media either and hence critical to know: What Bove said in June last … Continue reading

February 15, 2012 · 1 Comment

US Economy: NO, its not the Economy..

Well the trade deficit of $48.8 bln and the Greek relapse may be blamed by a few but the Dow futures are down today because the strength expected in the … Continue reading

February 10, 2012 · 2 Comments

A time for Davos rebuttals?

Jamie Dimon was in a more conciliatory mood as he praise dBen Brnanke at Davos after the rush o downgrades JP Morgan issued on Financials this morning. Jamie Dimon speak … Continue reading

January 26, 2012 · 1 Comment

The Euro wait for downgrades | The Telegraph (Reuters)

Europe got thru another round of auctions, the three Year Italian Bonds running up a lower than 5% yield, making people demand a valid risk on trade as low yields … Continue reading

January 13, 2012

The Greek Tragedy being staged is now a different one.. | Advantage zyaada

As we write Europe is going down already with decision n the first $12bln itself postponed for a stronger contract for new austerity measures negotiated to Euro 6.6 bln Greece … Continue reading

June 18, 2011 · 3 Comments