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Chillin' out till it needs to be funded

Mahindra Holidays opened just this June 09

The Mahindra Holidays IPO looks overpriced at Rs 375 and it’ will be lapped up easily by the market. 

The company’s flagship brand ‘Club Mahindra Holidays’, has a fast growing customer base of over 79,000 members and 23 beautiful Resorts at some of the most exotic spots in India and abroad. as per the introduction on With the RCI affiliation under its belt, it continues to entice and remind prospective customers of direct mail scams, chit fund scandals and other looser marketing practices that have traditionally brought our financial markets and currently the internet great disrepute and mud clinging ( much deserved!) 

The IPO will certainly list and I’m not interested in further mud slinging and shame to this half-baked’ and ‘Country clubbish’ scam option for millions in India whose idea of financial information is different from mine to say the least. Being a responsible marketing pro however, I feel such organizations should not be allowed untested into the IPO market, but then no one could stop Kale systems from listing on the markets. 

Sterling Holiday resorts before this and some very illustrious company deposit schemes of the 20th century to tart started this trend and this plagues bonafide issuers in the private circulation shares market who come there strapped and unable to go public for the lack of venture capital and equity, give in to usury and live on the edge. Our venture capitalists are still untested like in the global markets and tey are not much more than rubber stamps for proven and piloted successes. A company like Mahindra Holidays will promote a market making for such direct marketing scams and further cloud the market presence for brokers, private companies and groups that form the third tie of effective businesses in this country and the world at large. 

examples like, and closer home my own ventures and those of friends look forward to be proven wrong and a show of responsible management from Club Mahindra, but it seems impossible with the lack of transparency and liquidity in the adopted business model

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