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Our ‘zyaada’ social Footprint |
May 28, 2009

Posted by zyakaira in Facebook, IPL, Olympics, Online Maketing, Social Media, Superbowl, Twitter.

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Also, our technorati rank is 8 now (Top 0.6% and better). The mix of financial and marketing posts is published together at ( not a dotmobi site) while republishes our marketing effort on mobile…(dotmobi)

Unique British sense of humor.. |
September 12, 2009

Posted by zyakaira in Financial Services, Marketing, Twitter.

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FACEBOOK vs. TWITTER series 18/800

The Brits are at it again, looking at their tea cup and making up the stats..

zyakaira notes: USA, India and Brazil remain the largest and most active twitter users, high mobile and broadband penetration remain bullwarks of the Chinese and Indian economies growth, but I guess the British must also get ahead :)

London is staking its claim as the Twitter capital of the world as a flock of local start-ups ride the communications network’s huge wave of growth.

While Twitter is the toast of its native Silicon Valley in California, London boasts more users than any other city in the world. Twitter allows its 40m users to post 140 character updates or “tweets” on the web or via mobile phones.

Even though Twitter itself is yet to generate any revenue, early-stage investors are pouring millions of pounds into small companies in the Twitter “ecosystem” in the London area.

London has produced the most popular of the many third-party tools used to post to Twitter, called Tweetdeck. Reading’s Tweetmeme, which tracks the most popular news stories discussed on Twitter, is attracting millions of visitors a month while Twitterfeed, based in Tooting, is used by thousands of publishers to post their latest headlines on to the site.

“In the UK we’ve got a real phenomenon going on,” says John Borthwick, the British-born chief executive of Betaworks, a New York company that has invested in Tweetdeck, Twitterfeed and Twitter itself. Just as Scandinavia took an early lead in mobile technology, “the UK has become fast-forward in terms of social”, thanks to high broadband penetration.

via / Media – Twitter branches out as London’s ‘ecosystem’ flies.

August 30, 2009

Posted by zyakaira in Uncategorized.

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Winning market share in the downturn
August 26, 2009

Posted by zyakaira in Financial Services, Marketing.

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The New York Life Insurance Company, 9th till last year, jumped to No. 2 in market share behind Metlife with a near 6% market share in Life taking a leaf out of the book of the World’s best. AIG dropped just 4 places in the whole melee of the stimulus and this continuing depression. New York Life simply ‘educated’ prospects about how it was properly capitalised and fully ready in case of any further financial breakdown, bringing it a whole lot of new business ( see story: Slump spurs grab for Markets)

NY Life always had a vibrant sales force and with its diligent processes and adequate attention to current relationships, it has also managed to keep its existing customers happy, increased its share in market friendly Variable Life plans and kept its leadership in Whole Life plans for more than a decade. There is definitely one underlining factor that believers in the risk driven markets model do not realise. The underlying fact in winning is sanity in leadership and focus on the good pieces of business. It is not about Richard Branson and other half baked half thinking brazen tomfoolery like at BofA after the purchase of Merill ( there are some other examples that you can also read at ) or the GOP reaction to Obama’s healthcare plans. ( And how is Obama’s plan going to make insurance cheaper? It does not seem to be the issue at all!!)

New York Life also lost $3.5 billion on its investment portfolio like the other big banks and AIG but Metlife having taken all of the business headed for AIG ended up with a sky rocketing 12% market share and NY Life managed to increase market share by a further 180 basis points. True, NY Life is but a can of soup for those hit by the recession opportunity..because there are other ways to beat the old leaders in the recession.

One of these popular ways this time has been to give jobs to out of work investment bankers from Goldman Sachs, Lehman and others at Deutsche Bank and some boutiques, that were not owned by these ex bankers. However, Deutsche Bank has already been caught in trying to beat the losers of the recession, continually facing funds shortages in the market and hungry for Capital after market adjustments caught up with its losses.

Yet it is relatively easier, and thus there is an opportunity during a bad recession to catch up with the falling Joneses and come up ahead in the race. It visibly happens in retail in the Coke vs Pepsi and the P&G vs others wars (Unilever in Asia and Europe) or in GM vs Ford, but is equally vehement in markets in banking and insurance. Competition is the life blood of the economy and without such acts it is very difficult to beat any recession.

On a relatively obscure note, that is also why banks running away from Asia are unlikely to survive in the coming decade, as the growth and the money here ensure that the growth is sustainable, and Life and P&C entrants in this market would also do well to learn more regulatory control from the economies in Asia that remained capitalized and capable despite investments sinking..but then that is another article altogether.

Facebook vs Twitter series 17/800: Digg gets a Dialogg: Timothy Geithner
August 17, 2009

Posted by zyakaira in Financial Services, Marketing, Social Media.

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The irreverent founders of Digg have been a bit snowed by Twitter’s rise as it is now doing 53 million users a day and is still going to rise by almost 400-500% in 3 months. But Digg has been around for long and its platform has caused lots of ’social success’ and some heartburn with its traffic redirects , it has put together an institution that predated Web 2.0 and will survive it seemingly.

Of course all of this Digg stuff is for journalists and authors selling their ware and readers reading tons on the web daily. For many, the web remains distant because of this lack of interactive web that actually plays and works with them, as 9 out of 10 browsing ‘afficionadi’ would not bother with too much reading. Let me also, cut the dialogue short and introduct he new Digg feature after the Presidential debates and quasi debates earlier.

No they have not bought up Predictify or got into the race for other social media sites ( not to my knowledge at Advantage ‘zyaada’) They have just scheduled another of their fine web discourses with Timothy Geithner taking flak and clarifying the US administration’s position on the stimulus, the stock markets, the banks and may be the tax bill

The latest on Digg :

Dialogg: Timothy Geithner.

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    August 12, 2009

    Posted by zyakaira in Uncategorized.

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    Facebook at 77 million visitors, Amazon 64 m, Craigslist at 47 m, WordPress at 26m and Twitter at 20m compared to Goog at 157m in June09 – about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

    So $AMZN makes $1.75 bn per month from 64 million visitors
    – 5 minutes ago from TweetDeck (11:40 am ET)

    That is more than $27 from every single visitor! $AMZN
    – 3 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    If Twitter made 10% of that they would have sales of $54million to start with ( based on June comscore) – 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    China’s new loans may surge to a record 11 trillion renminbi ($1.6 trillion) this year as the government refrains from tightening lending rules to protect economic growth – just now from Tweetdeck

    Goldman /Blankfein paid a 23% return on the govt’s TARP investment, paying $1.1 billion for the warrants – half a minute ago from TweetDeck

    Also Buffet sold a third of his stake in Moody’s
    – just now from Tweetdeck

    China’s state construction giant raised a $7.3 billion in IPO – 4 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    (Green Shoots?) Both American Express (AXP) and Capitol One (COF) reported earnings that were quite weak (seekingalpha dot com) – 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck

    $CIT looks in line to become smaller, selling its comml business and most likely losing its aviation lending and rail finance biz profitably – half a minute ago from TweetDeck

    BTW, we continue to be short on both $AXP and $COF and bullish on the market ( same as before act. results came out @zyakaira – half a minute ago from TweetDeck

    twitter @blrmoneytalkz

    Facebook vs. Twitter series 15/800 – After spurning Twitter, FB gets Friendfeed
    August 11, 2009

    Posted by zyakaira in Facebook, Online Maketing, Social Media, Twitter.

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    Facebook finally made use of the choice of social competition in the internet economy today when they ‘closed’ the Friendfeed acquisition deal. After the recent spree of feature launches that made it more and more twitter, facebook cemented its early lead with the talented Friendfeed, which allows it to make conversations a staple and also be more social. Among its obvious synergies otherwise, Friendfeed is aesthetically traditional and fun at the same time while remaining business friendly in terms of logistical support for feeding these conversations ( as also noted earlier in F vs T series 14/800 )

    Twitter in the meantime has spruced up its looks and while the old SEO types haggle a little about its value and dump hacker tricks on Facebook and Twitter, Twitter has managed to keep a high growth in user additions till July climbing to 14th in search engine rankings with almost 15% of Facebook’s page views. The jury might let Facebook a grand ovation at this stage for managing to snag Friendfeed but the flexibility of Twitter may still help it overcome its flood of revolutionaries and internet junk to get up and ahead in the race with some good business brands adopting and staying alive in Twitter.

    On the other hand, Facebook today can definitely vouch that it has the social infrastructure and the fun and games which keep people busy on Facebook may still turn out to be of some lasting value with a $200 million+ revenue year about to close in the next 3 months. Facebook’s task of morphing is even tougher as it has to merge the good of friendfeed into it without getting into the internecine arguments it is getting used to with its users.

    Facebook vs Twitter series 14/800 : Friendfeed is fun and news too!
    July 31, 2009

    Posted by zyakaira in Facebook, Social Media, Twitter.

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    Here is a conversation I had with myself today morning on Friendfeed..If you follow the thread, I refuse to see how even a Friendfeed could fail, but there is a limit to the dicing and slicing you can do, and ‘let the public decide’ is not necessarily the way forward unless there is support and discussion on social media..

    zyakaira zyaada

    Friendfeed has that magical air that it is elegant even after Twitter has redesigned its home page

    I wonder why Friendfeed isn’t on more apps like hoot and tweetdeck?

    Guy Kawasaki (Louis Gray liked this)
    This is literally the first time I’ve used FF

    Wednesday 235 other people liked this 160 more comments

    no way!!!! – sean andersen

    I’m with ya…. just started this afternoon. So far, so good. :)Ben Daugherty

    Jorge Escobar (Louis Gray liked this) is gonna make my social app extra-special-invitation-only. If you read this, you’ll probably get an invite. :)

    zyakaira zyaada

    So, even now I can probably set up a new social network in say a week!

    How does differentiate each of the Friendfeeds and Twitter and Facebook!! Esp in six months from now?

    One is going to have social apps in the office though, not just unarchived yahoos!

    Though I still wonder why women should have a site of their own! ( I’m a guy, all male.)

    There would be these special niches within each of Facebook and Twitter and we can create a discussion on them at Friendfeed

    0 seconds agoCommentShareHideEdit

    Apple, labels work on plan to boost album sales: report| Deals| Reuters
    July 27, 2009

    Posted by zyakaira in Apple, Marketing.

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    zyakaira notes: Apple continues to ride on its current successes and hopefully would be able to get itself out of the DRM snare for customers as also improve its payments portal to accept international payments as Music Labels would earn the most out of that with an ipod than any other platform.

    Apple Inc and four record labels are working on a plan to increase digital sales of albums, while the computer maker is also separately developing a tablet-sized device, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.Apple is working with EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music and Vivendis Universal Music Group on the project, “Cocktail,” with the sides hoping for a launch in September, the paper reported, citing unnamed sources.

    The project with the record companies aims to offer interactive features with music downloads, the paper said.Apple also hopes to offer the tablet-sized computer in time for Christmas shopping, the FT reported.The computer will connect to the Internet like Apples iPod Touch and its screen may be up to 10 inches diagonally, the paper reported.The paper said book publishers have also been in talks with the computer maker about offering their services on the new device, which could compete with Amazon’s Kindle.Apple and the music companies were not immediately available for comment.

    How do you identify and research new business opportunities?
    July 26, 2009

    Posted by zyakaira in Marketing.

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    Asked by Francois Andlau

    There are a few mandatory steps and some optional to-dos in researching a new business opportunity:

    1. Read the current research in all allied fields and collect data on entry points around your defined entry point – new product, business model innovation, new geographical market etc.

    2. Size the opportunity based on the available universe of listed and unlisted companies with due sensitivity analysis of each environmental factor – policy, competition, innovation, industry CAGR, and others

    3. Identify chunks that deliver a market size beyond a cut off mark based on your preferred strategy or if you are creating a new industry then cut off based on dominant player strengths in the sector/market

    4. Verify your results with those of other allied industry research hawks ( some of them are here on linked in)

    5. Throw your first draft at market practitioners and rebuild the report based on their feedback. otherwise it would be of fat use to anyone!

    The Pepsi logo story was here..
    July 25, 2009

    Posted by zyakaira in Marketing.

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    You already heard, and it wasn’t shaking twitter and facebook..but the Tropicana Orange juice logo just got withdrawn and back to the traditional one with the orange. And the ‘Marketrazzi’ like zyaada used email and (my thought waves) to push the envelope and tell YUM and PEP that the new brand designs were flawed.

    There has been a lot of similar talk of the new smiling face of Pepsi (see below) and not so much of their social strategy ( remember sobe diet , it was a big twitter on superbowl time with gator) They are obviously under fire for the social web has empowered voices that were killed by the health revolution ( I am told, it is still on at Pepsi, because of my compatriot CEO Ms. Indra Nooyi )

    here is an extract directly from the team :


    Great design speaks for itself. You don’t need a physics thesis to explain it. It just works.

    My 11 year-old daughter likes the new Pepsi logo. (Says it makes her happy.) And now that I’ve read the exhaustive brief, I know why…

    It’s a smiley face! An overanalyzed, underwhelming, million dollar smiley face. It even comes in a variety of grin sizes. (Apparently regular ol’ Pepsi gets a smaller grin than the newer versions of Pepsi, like Pepsi Max. Whatever that is.)

    Pepsi’s going to spend more than a billion dollars redoing all their packaging, vending machines, trucks, POP materials and everything else. The new logo’s going to be EVERYWHERE!

    So I’m kinda glad Arnell changed the old wavy logo into a smiley face. I’m just not sure about their methods.

    Actually, it was Pepsi and it still looks like a very soft target out on the web but this brand insight has changed my moind, though i still remain all things coke at heart.

    more from the blokes at

    The 27-page design brief entitled “Breathtaking” reads like a scientific white paper loaded with marketingese and unprecedented levels of highly creative BS. In fact, Fast Company Magazine called it branding lunacy…

    “Every page of this document is more ridiculous than the last ending with a pseudo-scientific explanation of how Pepsi’s new branding identity will manifest it’s own gravitational pull.”

    The L.A. Times was equally critical:

    “Behold, then, the scattered and burning debris field of one of corporate America’s most misbegotten image makeovers… According to the brief, the new Pepsi logo lies along a trajectory of human consciousness that includes in its arc the Vastu Shastra, a 3,000-year-old Hindu architectural guide; Pythagoras (the Golden Section); the Roman architect Vitruvius; the Fibonacci series; Descartes; and Corbusier.”


    Get a load of it at:

    Well, i can guess the criticism directed at me as well, because i don’t like to muddy waters when someone else is equally bright and so there is less of authorship in my blogs than elsewhere, ( it also helps me concentrate on zyaada ’s social strategy and branding exercises and attend to my work..but i believe that even if they do change the logo back it wouldn’t hurt to love this logo.

    Posted via web from social networking and new markets

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